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So I got some nautres but im not sure :

metagross-adment moves:magnet rise,explosion,meteor mash,earthquake

arcanine-hasty moves:solarbeam,sunnyday,morning sun flare blitz

torrtera-adment moves:stone edge,earthquake,seed bomb,synthissis

kingdra->>>?<<< moves:dragon pulse,surf,signal beam,ice beam

forretress->>?<< moves:toxic spikes,spikes,sealth rock,selfdeastruct

electivire-adment moves:cross chop,ice punch,thunderpunch,earthquake


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I recommend you to choose nature depend on your pokemon's moveset.
Metagross (you should choose nature that boosts his attack and doesn't decrease his S.attack like :Brave)
Arcanice (depend on his moveset, you should choose Mild or Rash)
Torrtera (if you want to boost his speed, choose Jolly but I prefer Adamant for boosting his Attack)
Kingdra (Choose Mild for his S.attack)
Forretress ( Choose Jolly for boosting speed, nevemind about S.attack or if you want his higher defend then choose Impish)
Electivire (i recommend you choose Lonely or Mild or even Hasty)
That's my opinion..you can do like that or not, it's up to you. Anyway hope this help :)

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Explosion, meteor mash and earthquake are all physical moves.