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Metagross and lucario

well metagross will need a physical moveset

lucario will be a mix sweper

another thing with my lucario is the moveset problem :

blaze kick-high critical hit ratio and powerfull




so first theres th coverege problem
once il get aoura sphere its bye bye sky uppercut
i don't know what to do

and what will be a god moeset for metaross ?


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Metagross - Adamant
-Hammer Arm
-Zen Headbutt
-Bullet Punch
-Ice Punch

Lucario - Well, Hardy is decent...
-Close Combat
-Flash Canon

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As said above, Adamant is a great Nature for Metagross and since he has low Speed, Brave is another great Nature. Here is a set...

Meteor Mash-STAB
Earthquake- for Fire types
Zen Headbutt- more STAB
Ice Punch-for Ground types

For Lucario, I guess go with a Bashful Nature because it doesn't Raise or lower anything. Here is a set for Lucario

Aura Sphere-STAB and for other Fighting types
Water Pulse- for Fire and Ground types
Keep Blaze Kick for Coverage
Iron Defence/Ice/Thunder Punch-Raise Defence or coverage

Hope this helps.......