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I am trying to breed a shiny Altaria with the best moves, EVs, IVs, nature, and ability for my team and what to breed it with

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What do you want to use this team for? Is it a competitive team? If yes, what format?

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Firstly breeding a swablu with perfect Iv's is a mission on its own, HERE, for IV explanation (breeding)

Here's an example of a set that maybe useful, Smogon university (Altaria set's) and below for quick referance guide to OU battling that is uncommon in 2018, because its a monotype and unlikely always used:-

Altaria @ Altarianite STAB comes when mega evolved
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature (quick)
- Return (TM-27) for you s/m (pixilate ability from mega evolve adds STAB, normal move converted to STAB PIXILATE
- Dragon Dance (altaria, will need move tutor, learned at lv 30 HERE but swablu evolves at lv 35, altaria learns, upon evolving.) for u-s/m
- Roost (TM-19) for u-s/m
- Earthquake (TM-26) for u-s/m

As Olli said earlier in comments, ''It depends on what you want, Swablu/Altaria can be setup to do many things''.

In the end, depends on what team your building, altaria is also a mega Pokemon and can use z-moves in gen 7, so mix and swap moves.. its shown here on Pokemon db - Altaria and here on showdown (link supplied earlier as altaria set's) as combative

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To me, because Altaria is very well rounded need in terms of both of its attack stats, it really matters in whether you want a special or physical attaclear. Altaria’s physical move pool is very slightly larger than its special one, as it has access to Dragon Claw, Sky Attack, Dragon Dance, Steel Wing, and Earthquake. So, an Adamant Nature is best for a physical one. If you want to use the mega though, it is best to go the special route, as it gets STAB Moonblast, Dragon Pulse, and Draco Meteor. It also gets Pixilated Hyper Voice, which is good. A Modest Nature would be best for a the mega one. It all depends on what you need.