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What nature is best for Cursola and why?

Don't these depend too much on the moveset and should be answered in the moveset question?
Nah. We've allowed these in the past without a problem (see the 'related questions'), and these threads encourage a bit more analysis of the nature itself than the moveset threads do.
I'm also sympathetic because PM isn't making moveset threads yet and hasn't told us when he will.

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In most situations, I would go for Bold nature (+Def, -Attack) because of Cursola’s horrible def and he’s a special attacker. Although you could also go for Relaxed (+Def, -Speed) because his bad speed could be used to help him on a trick room team.

Btw, I know I used the pro-noun he, him a lot; plz don’t get salty at me. It was just easier to write that way.

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+Def might be good on a defensive set, but Eviolite Corsola does that better. You probably just want to boost SpA on Cursola.