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It's almost like they want you to spend countless hours in front of your system, trying to get that ever-elusive Shiny.

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My Illogical Theory

In X and Y, they probably did this because they are aware at how much you want that damn shiny, and so they gave you a chance. With the 3DS, they thought that it would be practically impossible to access the hidden data, therefore they wanted everyone to think that the shiny chance was still 1 in 8,192 but increase the chances of getting a shiny so they can make you feel better about yourself. xD

They probably took this into account - they probably wanted you to have a better chance of getting a shiny so you can do something else with your life rather than sit in front of the 3DS and hunt for that damn shiny Pokemon. :3

In Gen IV, it says on Bulbapedia's Masuda Method page that Junichi Masuda may have added the Masuda Method to encourage use of the GTS. It can't have been a coincidence that the Masuda Method and the GTS were introduced in the same generation, no?

Also, there are rumours that state that the Friend Safari has an increased shiny chance. If this is correct, they may have increased it there to make you get shiny Pokemon of non-native Pokemon, which would be great!

So yeah, that's my theory. :D

Hope I helped. :)

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As for Chain Fishing, I bet they added that in so they can get a Shiny Magikarp. xD
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The new methods actually make it quicker for you to get a shiny, which is an improvement upon what the old system was. Masuda breeding still takes ages, even with the increased chance of getting a shiny. It's all based on luck & mindlessly hatching eggs. However, this actually has got easier, because if you know your game's value and the egg's value, you can trade eggs and hatch the egg in another game with a compatible value that will make the egg produce a shiny.

Shiny chaining and now chain fishing are actually quicker when you're proficient at them. It gets to about 1/200 when you get to chain number 40, so it's a lot better than the Masuda method.

In short, the reasons there are new ways to get shinies is so that it's easier to get shinies. People hack shinies and buy/ sell shinies for real currency, and it's been going on for such a long time. Ninetendo/ Game Freak understandably don't want people to hack/ tamper their games that they worked so hard on, or make their characters into some micro-economy, so they just made it easier for people to get shinies to discourage us from hacking or buying shinies for real money.