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Why does Sinnoh have so many legendary Pokemon and third-line Pokemon?

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There's just so many final-line evolutions and legendaries tacked onto the end of the Sinnoh Pokedex compared to other Pokedexes such as the Gen VI Pokedex.


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Gamefreak wanted that addition, well...they wanted to create a loooong plot and many movies.Its the ganaration of the story of the pokemon universe after all.

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Rotom =/= legendary, just saying.

If you want to talk about legendaries:


That's 13 compared to Gen IV's 14 (13 really because I don't count Phione). So I don't see why Sinnoh should be singled out in having too many legendaries.

Considering that Pokemon seemed to be developing a "richer" storyline in Gen IV, I think that's why there are so many legendaries. I was also the case that Arceus was introduced as the deity Pokemon, and it delegated regulating parts of the universe/ world to other Pokemon, and therefore they had to be introduced as well.

As for final evolutions that are of previous generation Pokemon, I guess they really just wanted to give them a chance to be used in the metagame. Power creeping happens every generation, and those Pokemon are nearly all from Gen I or II. In Gen VI, they dealt with it by giving a lot of Pokemon a stat increase, and many of the Pokemon that received base stat boosts already had a third stage evolutions.

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My Theory

1: Legendary Pokémons

Most of the Legendary Pokémon are from Sinnoh. I find it logical, as Sinnoh's dragons created space and time. Arceus is the god creator of Pokémons so it is also logical to find so much Legendary Pokémons there. Sinnoh is an independant story, like for Unova. The difference is that the latter takes part much further than the rest of the regions, which are not far each from the other.

  1. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (and Platinum as well) could have a hidden
    storyline involving Arceus, who created the Pokémons. I seriously do
    not want to enter in religious facts, but Arceus bears resemblances
    to God. He could've created Pokémons, and then see that humans
    abuses them. So he had to create Legendary Pokémon to teach them
    stuff and stuff:

1.1. Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf taught respectively knowledge, emotion and willpower to humans.

1.2. Cresselia and Darkrai are at the origins of Dreams and Nightmares.

1.3. Jirachi taught wishes to humans.

  1. Dialga created time.

  2. Palkia created space.

  3. Giratina symbolizes the greedy human, who was banned for eternity.

  4. Heatran is the creature of Volcanos, possibly the result of Groudon's Eruptions.

  5. Humans created Regigigas as a Guardian.

6.0. Regigigas created itself three Pokémons:

6.1. Regirock, the Stone Age.

6.2. Regice, the Ice Age.

6.3. Registeel, the Iron Age.

  1. Manaphy is the Cold Seas Pokémon.

7.1. Phione is the Warm Seas Pokémon, explaining how its "elder" Manaphy gave it its warm love. Like the Mother who gives to her Children love and warm.

  1. Shaymin taught Gratitude to Pokémon, like how it is grateful to nice humans who gave it flowers.

  2. Celebi is the time traveler, sent by Dialga probably to test the time...

2: Third Line Pokémons

This is no relations to Arceus. This is Game Freak's choice. Presumably, it was done not to leave some Pokémons weak; Magmar and Electabuzz, for example, were introduced in Gen1. But players found them weak over the time. Game Freak listened to them, and so created evolutions for them. But on the other hand, it can be considered lazy, because they took some old Pokémons and gave them evolutions.

I have something to add: Game Freak would've kept some Gen4 Pokémon unreleased, and release them in the future, like Gen5, because Gen5 Pokémons are ugly, and Gen6 introduced a little number of Digimons.
My mistake ... I mean Pokémons. (Wanted to sun funny ;)

Sorry for the long answer. Hope you like to read! And hope this helped! And merry christmas.

;) BlitzofJustice

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Digimons... nice touch.
and Larvesta is the most beautiful Pokemon...
OK. I put Digimon to test the strikethrough and to sound funny :D
Larvesta is beautiful, yes. But I am talking about Klinklang, Vanilluxe, Ferrothorn, Samurott, Carracosta and Zekrom when I point out ugly Pokémons.
Klinklang represents the gears and primitive machines that kept humans alive during rough times.
Vanilluxe is ice cream. Mmmmmm.
Ferrothorn is a weird UFO floating steel ovalisk thing with tentacles with more steel spike ovalisk things. Pretty awesome.
Samurott is an honorable Pokemon that represents samurai.
Carracosta is best friends with my pet turtle. Don't diss him.
Zekrom is a beast that can murder you with electricity.
Klinklang is a piece of junk. Vanilluxe is no good stuff, although it is cuter than Vanillish and Vanillite. Ferrothorn is an OP wall, kinda a ugly piece of steel in which seeds miraculously grew. Samurott is a Samurai-Otter, but I wished that it looked like Dewott in bigger and more developed, instead of dat 4 legged animal. Carracosta is nothing more than a ugly turtle. I can't see Zekrom's line. I only see a black being, with the shape of a dragon.

Everybody has their thoughts, no ?
Yep. Everyone has got their thoughts.
I personally love gen 5, the only ones I dislike are  Garbordor, Klingklank, and Alomomola. (Ya that's right I don't hate the Vanillite family, got a problem with that?)