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Sinnoh is my favourite region. I love both regions, I practically like everything Pokemon, I don't really understand why people don't like them.

Sinnoh FTW!

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I like Sinnoh too but I understand why lots of people are against Unova.
The layout of Unova is just so plain, basically a big circle.

In Sinnoh, you were given a more complex map and it included a bit of backtracking and ways to get places with multiple routes. In Unova however, it was one straight path going from one town to the next.

From what I have gathered, people don't like Sinnoh because the don't enjoy the story. I've chatted with many people and this seems to be the general opinion. I don't see anything wrong with it myself though.

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This is more of a opinionated question, but its for many reasons. The main one, and also what I think, is that the Unova region is quite unorigional in regards to the Pokemon there. A lot of people are also biased towards the older games, and the Kanto/Johto regions, as they were the first and arguably the best regions (red/blue, gold/silver).