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How do I trade from Sinnoh to Univa?

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You cannot trade with Diamond, Pearl, Plantinum to Black or white, but you can migerate after defeating Alder (Sinnoh- Unova; Unova - Sinnoh not possible).

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you can migrate before fighting alder
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After you finish the main game go to white forest/black city. At the left of white forest/black city there is a building. Its the transfer lab. Go in there to Migrate. You need 2ds(any model, dsi,3ds,dslite). Pokemon White or Black. Pokemon SoulSilver, HeartGold, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum. In the B/W go into the transfer lab and talk to the guy at the end. In the ds that has SS/HG/Pt/D/P in it go to download play(in the ds/dsi/3ds menu).Follow the onscreen directions. You cannot migrate pokemon that know HMs or hold items(actually you can migrate pokemon with items, but the items will not be migrated in B&W only the pokemon). You cannot migrate eggs. Only 6 pokemon per time.
Unlimited times.

When you go to castelia city you can talk at a guy in a building. He will ask you to tell him a phrase. The phrase is Everyone Happy and Simple Connection. When you enter the phrase correctly you will unlock the relocator. At the menu of the game you can select ''Relocator''. With the relocator you can transfer Raiku, Suicune, Entei, Celebi(all of these pokemon have to be the event ones) and the item Lock Capsule(event item). When you transfer raiku,suicune,entei you unlock the pokemon Zoroark. When you transfer Celebi you unlock the pokemon Zorua. When you transfer the Lock Capsule you have to take it to a guy named Mr.Lock(located in castelia city), he will unlock it and he will give you the TM95 Snarl.

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You can migrate only certain pokemon by giving a password, that can be found on serebii (I think it is everybody happy), then in main menu before starting the game there is a new option in which you can pass a shiny entei/ suicune/ Rikou, Celebi, or a few other pokemon that activate in game events. Other than that, there is the transfer machine that is in between the marvellous bridge & black city/ White forest. There you can transfer any pokemon that doesn't have an hm move on it. Note that all items on the pokemon will be taken off for transfer.

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