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I beat the elite four but not the champion. My pokemon are in their early to mid sixty's (well my Kyurem in 75) and I'm still training. What should I do next? Challange Cynthia or try my luck with the elite four and the Unova Champ.


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well,from my own experience I can tell you that I found Cynthia harder than I did alder.but alder will win anyway so your best bet is audino training with he lucky egg around the post game routes like the village bridge,you get a ton of experience from training there.also,if you want to battle alder then you have to have talked to alder on top of celestial tower first.

hope I helped you with your problem

Thanks .I've been trying Cynthia for ages but no luck. I barley get her spiritomb
I can 2hko her spiritomb after a Swords Dance or two. A Dragon Claw or Outrage usually helps. This was done with my Haxorus.
Same here i got heaps of dragon dances up then used aerial ace as long as you dont switch you pown everything
I just yolo'd it and somehow beat her in like 3 tries