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I have not yet beaten Pokémon Sun, and I am trying very hard to avoid story spoilers, but I have come across this a few times on the internet.

Apparently, if you challenge the Elite Four again (after becoming Champion), you can defend your title by presumably fighting a challenger. Is this true? Or is it not? Please avoid story spoilers.

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Yeah, it's true.
Awesome. That works as an answer if you want.
I called it XD

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Yes, there are a number of different challengers you can face every time you beat the elite four, some challengers are familiar faces while others are not.

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Yes, it is real! A bunch of different challengers will battle you when you beat the Elite Four again.

Source (There are spoilers there so maybe don't look)

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After you beat the elite four and set on that glorious throne, a trainer will enter and challenge you for your champion title. Some trainers you will recognize from the games story

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