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So, I heard Unova is based on America. Castelia City is based on Manhattan clearly. Pokestar Studios seems to be based on Hollywood. What about everything else?

Also, is White Forest based on anything? Or Black City?

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Black City may be Las Vegas, and White Forest could be the Sequoia National Park. The park has the General Sherman tree, which is the largest tree on Earth. It reminds me of the White Treehollow, actually.
The Skyarrow Bridge is a reference to the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects Brooklyn and Manhattan.
Source: Research off a lot of websites

Below is something I got off http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_world_in_relation_to_the_real_world

  • Nuvema Town= Howard Beach, Queens
  • Accumula Town= Ozone Park, Queens
  • Striaton City= Forest Hills, Queens
  • Nacrene City= DUMBO, Brooklyn
  • Castelia City= Lower Manhattan (business center of New York City, as well as the United States)
  • Nimbasa City= Midtown Manhattan
  • Gear Station= 59th Street - Columbus Circle
  • Driftveil Drawbridge= George Washington Bridge
  • Driftveil City= Union City, New Jersey
  • Mistralton City= Teterboro, New Jersey (the Mistralton City Airport's
    real-life counterpart is the Teterboro Airport)
  • Icirrus City= Ridgefield, New Jersey
  • Opelucid City= Harlem
  • Village Bridge= Robert F. Kennedy Bridge
  • Lacunosa Town= Flushing, Queens
  • Undella Town= Jamaica, Queens
  • Undella Bay= Jamaica Bay
  • Marvelous Bridge= Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge
  • Entralink= Central Park Manhattan (the Entralink also draws
    inspiration from the Tokyo Imperial Palace)
  • Liberty Garden= A hybrid of Liberty State Park and Liberty Island
  • Tubeline Bridge= Forth Railway Bridge
  • Unity Tower= United Nations
  • Virbank City= Jersey City (Virbank Complex bears some resemblance to
    the oil refineries and tanker area located along the New Jersey
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I don't have B/W2 yet, and I'm starting to think Humilau city is like paradise.....

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Dumbo was an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
And there was nothing for Aspertia, Humilau, or Anville... I think Pokestar Studios is based off maybe Hollywood? Well, yeah, and thanks guys for all the support!
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