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This question is just like Ayan's I need an exact answer on what every cities real life counterpart is, I saw an other question like this but the answer just said that Kalos is based on France and took names of few cities and I also kinda want to know what all the landmarks in Kalos are based on for example I know Parfum Palace is based on that palace which has the hall of mirrors.
I also need the routes!

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Vaniville Town - Moulins, Allier

Aquacorde Town - Nevers - The great bridge is probably based on a bridge on the river Loire in Nevers.

Santalune Forest - Forest of Fontainebleau

Santalune City - Fontainebleau

Lumiose City - Paris - Prism Tower is based on the Eiffel Tower, and the Lumiose Museum is based on the Louvre.

Camphrier Town - Blois - Shabboneau Castle is based on the Château de Blois.

Battle Chateau - Château de Chenonceau

Parfum Palace - Palace of Versailles

Ambrette Town - La Rochelle - An aquarium lies in La Rochelle.

Cyllage City - Nantes

Geosenge Town - Carnac - Notable for its standing stones.

Shalour City - Beauvoir, Manche

Tower of Mastery - Mont Saint-Michel

Azure Bay - The English Channel

Sea Spirit's Den - Channel Islands

Coumarine City - Le Havre

Laverre City - Amiens - Laverre Nature Trail may refer to the hortillonnages.

Dendemille Town - Charleville-Mézières - Charleville's region is known for its windwills.

Anistar City - Strasbourg - The sundial may be a reference to Strasbourg astronomical clock.

Couriway Town - Molsheim

Snowbelle City - Grenoble

Pokémon League - Château de Chambord

Kiloude City - Lyon - The train station could be based on Gare de Lyon Saint-Exupéry

Source: Bulbapedia

Yes I checked Bulbapedia too, they don't have ALL of them, and I also need the landmarks... like Battle Chateu(You did include that) and Shaba--what Castle in Camphrier town, and I think Route 7 is also based on something in real life, you inc
After a little research i found out Route 7 is based on River Cher: 'Route 7: Rivere Walk'
I believe the routes are based on something as well, these aren't all the cities.. lol :D
I needed a full answer for BA oh well