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Like in Kanto there was quite a bit about real life animals eg ferrets and how pikachu is "rat-like"
But more recent gens tend to have next to nothing about real animals.

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Hmm There is animal Based Pokemon, I will make a List
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Well if it's in the anime...
Why is this tagged anime? dont you want to know if there are less/more animal-based Pokemon in the more recent regions?
He wants to know about Pokemon in the Anime.
The Pokemon in the Anime = the Pokemon in the games, i dont think there are that many Anime-exclusive Pokemon.
There is more references in the Anime
He Asked Anime Not Games

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I'd say so yes, but for Kalos you have to bear in mind that fewer Pokémon were released compared to the other Generations, as X and Y only introduced 70 new Pokémon, although it did introduce Mega Evolutions.

For instance many Pokémon fans claimed Game Freak had run out of ideas for Pokémon when they reached Generation V, as they started creating a lot more Pokémon based off inanimate objects. The majority of Pokémon before Generation V were mainly based on living organisms such as animals, plants, genetics, DNA etc. However there were still Pokémon that were based off inanimate objects such as most Rock types, Voltorb, Electrode, Rotom etc.

But it sort of drawed the line with a lot of fans when they created Pokémon such as the Vanillite Evolutionary family which are based off ice cream's, Trubbish which is based off a trash bag, Garbodor which is based off a trash heap and the Klink Evolutionary family which are based off gears cogs etc.

A possible theory for why they introduced Mega Evolution is because they ran out of ideas when creating individual Pokémon.

So yes I'd say there's fewer Pokémon based on animals in the current Gen but that's partly due to there only being 70 Pokémon released. But when you've created over 700 Pokémon, ideas for new Pokémon starts to get extremely difficult.

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There is a lot of Animals in the Anime, Just that They haven't been seen for a while.
According to bulbapedia,the Last Animal To Appear was in Episode 214(Mantine Overboard!) Of Course A lot Of Pokemon Are Based on Animals. These Pokemon Are(of course) based on animals,but look different. For Example Pikachu is a Mouse Pokemon .

Now, to real Animals in the Anime.
There is Appearances of real animals like Fish (in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City)
Or a Mongoose (in Tower of Terror)
And Other Small Animals such as Worms(in Ash Catches a Pokemon!)

Oh,and Animals are Referenced in Many Pokedex Entries.
There has been less sightings of Animals because of new Pokemon Taking their Places(Dedenne, Noibat,Gogoat,Froakie,etc)

Hope this Helped-Legend Of Lotad


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