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  • What Level is the Kyurem-B/Kyurem-W when finished fusing?
  • If you fuse a Zekrom LV 30 with a Kyurem LV 70, what level is the fused Kyurem-B?
  • How is moveset determined after fusing? Suppose you have these two:

Reshiram: Fusion Flare, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, Draco Meteor
Kyurem: Glaciate, Ice Beam, HP Ice, Icy Wind

How would the resulting Kyurem-W's moveset look like?

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is it possible to get a level 30 Zekrom in BW2?
Added on my own question to this.
trachy, the IVs and EVs come from the Kyurem.
So shouldn't that mean everything else comes from Kyurem also?
No idea. I read that the EVs and IVs come from Kyurem.
If everything comes from Kyurem, how does it get Fusion Flare/Bolt?
Well, based on what serebii says, it is able to learn those moves at level 43.

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so what i have found so far is -

1) Kyurem when fused, weather it is with zekrom or reshiram, is fused with the DNA link & the new fused Kyurem inherits IV's, EV's & level from Kyurem.

2) Kyurem-B should be LV. 70

3) The move set of the Kyurem & Reshiram/zekrom cannot be transferred to kyurem W/B, instead, the Kyurem's move set is based off of Kyurem's learn set for it's new form.

source - serebii & it is in the spoilers tab for thursday the 21 of June 2012

i hope i answered your question

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