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1) Is Keldeo able to use Secret Sword only in its Resolute Form ?

2) Can Keldeo remain in its Resolute Form as long as the player wants ?

I'm asking beacuse I don't have a Keldeo (But I really want one :D)

to get one ( missed it) you need to get the gamestop event then you'll have the mystery gift i'll trade you tho he is lvl 25 and in resolution form in bw2! :)

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  1. No, he can use it in his Regular Form. Just take him to the Moor of Icirrus in B/W instead of Pledge Grove in B2/W2 to just teach him the move.

  2. Yes, as long as he knows Secret Sword.

Source: Experience & Bulbepedia/ Secret Sword

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Keldeo, I want one.... Thanks :D
Ive tried goin to the rock behind elders house and keldeo wont transform :'C