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what moves can I teach a second or third Pokemon to effectively block an attack that may OHKO my Aerodactyl, I cant use the power herbs, I have it holding Aerodactylite, Aerodactyl's mega evolution is the only one I like, therefore the only one I have any intention of using... so, I need some way to keep'm alive. I have a Clefable, with heal pulse. can it learn anything useful? or do I need to get another Pokemon to just prevent damage? also, how does the move work? i'm still foggy in some of the new gen 5+ team protection moves, I think Quick guard is the only one ive figured out, but I know Aerodactyl easily weathers moves like Ice Shard despite the x4 damage, its the gale force blizzards and such from the slow but powerful Pokemon I need to defend against. they only get that one shot, but that is all they really need...


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There are a couple of things you can do, actually.

  • Wide Guard blocks spread moves, such as Blizzard, Surf, and Rock Slide.
  • Follow Me directs all moves at the user, meaning no moves will hit Aerodactyl unless spread moves are used.
  • Rage Powder has the same effect as Follow Me, but has lower distribution.
oh, so i can have the Clefable basically take all of the hits using follow me? that makes sense, i can turn it into a sorta super-wall with cosmic power, moonlight and EV training, crud, i'm going to have to breed a new one, because i deleted the followme move because i saw no purpose in it... back to grinding in the battle chateau.,. i'm already a Grand Duchess so at least the higher levels will be easy to get... guess its a good thing the specific Aerodactyl i want to use is still on white 2, huh?
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Greninja with Mat Block should work out quite nicely.
Mat Block works like Protect and Fake Out. It protects all allies from damaging moves, but can only be used the turn it is switched in (it also doesn't have priority, so you need Greninja to be quick).

Example Scenario:
SneaselSnow sent out Aerodactyl and Greninja!

Notsoyoungsterjoey sent out Blissey and Shiftry!

Greninja used Mat Block! | Aerodactyl is charging!

Blissey used Wish! | Shiftry used Night Slash! Aerodactyl is protected!

Greninja uses Water Shuriken! It hit 4 times! | Aerodactyl used Sky Attack! | Shiftry fainted!