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And the Elite 4 too please.

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The elite 4 don't give out items
I think he might mean healing items like Full Restore and such.

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Falkner: TM 51 Roost
Bugsy: TM 89 U-Turn
Whitney: TM 45 Attract
Morty: TM 30 Shadow Ball
Chuck: TM 01 Focus Punch
Jasmine: TM 23 Iron Tail
Pryce: TM 07 Hail
Clair: TM 59 Dragon Pulse

Lt.Surge: TM 34 Shock wave
Sabrina: TM 48 Skill Swap
Erika: TM 19 Giga Drain
Misty: TM 03 Water Pulse
Janine: TM 84 Poison Jab
Brock: TM 80 Rock Slide
Blaine: TM 50 Overheat
Blue: TM 92 Trick Room

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Also misty gives out water pulse
and I think brock gives you the tm case
I mentioned Misty,and there is nothing called TM case
in FRLG there is but thats not givin to you by brock