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Okay, there's a scene in Pokemon and the Temple of the Sea where Ash and May are playing in the water and they come across some Luvdisc.

According to the Pokedex: "It is said that any couple meeting this Pokemon [Luvdisc] is promised a loving relationship that never ends."

Is this hinting that the two may have/had something goin on if ya know what I mean?

I've wondered this ever since I saw the movie back in '06


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My theory:

Ash always takes a liking to his female companion/partner. Whether this is Misty, May, Dawn, Iris, etc., Ash always seems to like them (explains Ash's blushing sometimes) and vice versa as well.

When Ash leaves the region and has to say goodbye to said companion/partner, he still "likes" them and wishes he were still with them.

The female companion/partner's liking for Ash is displayed in Pokemon Heroes where Bianca gives him a sketch and kisses him. (However, this is up for debate, as this is either Bianca or the Latias disguised as Bianca, since she doesn't have her hat on).

Are you sure?
what is a synopsis?
@SB The kiss was near the end... :P
Sorry I've been away for awhile! To Le Scraf: yes, I'm sure, you think I was lying or hallucinating? And yes, I know the kiss was at the end, I read a synopsis, that is, if I wasn't hallucinating.
You probably were.