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iv'e selected the gender mod code and selected female but whenever I enter the grass field, a male always appears, although I hold onto select then the game slows down a lil bit but still no femal.....i'm trying to capture a female bayleef

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What are you using to do this?
I'm guessing AR :/
What game are you on?
Cheat codes aren't 100% reliable. Sometimes they won't work, and this seems to be an example of that.
What code have you been using?

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You may have entered the code incorrectly. Be sure that you didn't accidentally type in a number that isn't correct. Also be sure that you are using the correct button to ensure your desired attempts. Be sure that you are holding it before entering an encounter. Or hold it while running through grass and until it appears.

Hope I helped.

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no i didnt......
Answer added to. Does that help?
no doesn't...ive tried it n ive held onto select when running but still its male