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How to breed another Fennekin Pokemon X?

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I have a boy Braixen and I am wondering how to get another Fennekin. Should I use my
Smeargle? If I can't, can someone tell me what I can use! P.S: I have reached Geosenge, Cyllage, Ambrette, Camphrier, Lumiose, Santalune, Aquacorde and obviously, Vaniville.

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Simple! Breed Ditto! :D

Ditto can only be found in the Pokemon Village, which you will discover much later, however you can find one over the GTS. It shouldn't be that hard.

If you can't find any decent offers, or you simply don't have Wi-Fi, then there is no way you can breed your male Braxien. Pokemon has to be so sexist to the starters. x)

Hope I helped. :)
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Thanks, because I tryed my smeargle and Braixen and it said, "The two don't seem to like each other very much."
if the two don't seem to like each other much then there is still a near as makes no difference 20% chance of them to produce an egg every egg cycle.
The offspring would still be Smeargle. Js. xD