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I am breeding a male Chesnaught(overgrow) with a female Chespin(overgrow) is it possible for me to get a chespin with the ability bulletproof and also what are some ways to get hidden abilities onto Pokemon? thank you.


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K, you can't get a Chespin with Bulletproof like that, to answer your first question.

You can get Quilladin in the Grass Friend Safari and you can breed it to get a Chespin with Bulletproof.

Other ways to get Hidden Abilities are to get Friend Safaris, Hordes, and events (only one so far was the Torchic). When Pokebank comes out, you can transfer those Pokemon with Hidden Abilities and breed them.

Things to look at:
Friend Safari
Horde Battles

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No, sorry.

If you want to breed Hidden Abilities, one of the parents needs to have the ability themselves.

Hope I helped. :)

well then how exactly can i get bulletproof?
By going to a Grass type Friend Safari. You get that by registering someone's Friend Code in your 3DS. Check here to exchange FC with people that suit the type you are looking for http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/39716/friend-safari-page-x-y
Not all Grass-type Friend Safaris have Chespin though.