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I have an Empoleon in Ultra Sun with its HA that I got through a wonder trade. It's almost certainly not legit, as it is LV 100 and shiny, but I believe it's legal as it has passed through the Bank without issue. I was hoping to breed some HA Piplups, so I bred it with a Ditto and hatched a bunch of eggs. The Empoleon is male, so I was expecting a 60% chance of HA passing down when paired with Ditto, but after hatching more than 25 eggs I'm getting the non-hidden ability every time. I guess technically I could lose the 60% RNG 25 times in a row but that seems really improbable.

Is there some lock on inheriting HA from a non-legit Pokemon? Is there some other mechanic in play that I'm missing? It's not a huge deal but I'd just like to figure out what's going on.

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This Bulbapedia guide says the chance for male Pokemon is 20% not 60%, but this isn't corroborated by other sources which consistently say the chance is 60% regardless of sex. https://bulbahandbook.bulbagarden.net/pokemonsunmoon/guide/breeding#toc_5
Even if the chance is 20%, there is still a 99.6% chance you'd have gotten a HA Piplup within 25 attempts. Have you continued trying since you posted this?
My experiments with breeding down abilities with male parents always suggested to me that the chance was weaker with males. I'm almost positive you'd have an easier time with a female specimen, but given we're talking about the Piplup line, good luck with that.

Also, last time I tested this was in ORAS so it may well have changed.
I hatched another 10 or so with no luck and have decided to give up. I did some more searching through forum posts and believe I may have found the answer, though no real way to confirm.

Apparently it is possible, with hacked/genned Pokemon, to merely change the ability to the HA without changing the underlying data that is passed down through breeding. So although the summary page for the Empoleon shows it having the HA, when breeding it is passing down its original, non-hidden, ability. I have no experience or interest in dealing with the programs that allow you to see or change these things so I can't confirm, but this seems the most likely answer as statistically it's nearly impossible to not get the HA after that many attempts.

Thanks to you both for your input.
Fizz, if you breed with Ditto then the rate for passing down a hidden ability is 60% regardless of gender.

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