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Here is my list:

Squirtle- 252 Sp. Atk/252 HP, 4 Defense-Modest
Gastly- 252 Sp Atk/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP- Timid or Modest
Rotom- Same as Gastly-Modest
Froakie-Same as Rotom- Timid
The other two I already eved trained (Gardevoir and Fletchinder)

Any suggestions that I should eved train these Pokemon a little different, change my Pokemon, or change anything about the list I listed that I'm planning to eved train?

Any suggestions are welcome

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Rotom shouldn't run an Adamant nature xD
Are going to be evolving these Pokémon?
U could super train it's actually really fun
I would go for a timid Gastly with a personality that powers up its sp. Attack.
Is your Fletchinder a Gale wings one? Becase it is absolutley boss with this ability. If you don't have one, i'll trade you it if you want.
@spark pikachu- its a modest nature, my mistake
@DAnH1995- Yes, ill be evolving them
@Carebears123-Super training is ok, not that fun though, but not that boring
@thelegendofninetails- what kind of personality, ill change it to timid if i get one via breeding
@thelegendofninetails- yes, my fletchiner has Gale Wings, yeah, it is gonna be boss
It was just my opinion though everyone's different. I just started super training for almost a day on my shiny sylveon
Shiny Syleon
I have lots more shinies if u want to trade

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Since your going to be evolving all of these Pokémon I recommend these EV investments:

252 Defence, 252 HP, 4 Special Defence- Defensive

252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP- Special Sweeper

252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP- Special Sweeper or you could give it a bit more bulk

252 Special Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP- Special Sweeper

I based these EV's on your Natures. Pokémon such as Greninja I would have actually given a Hasty or Naive Nature so It wouldn't receive a decrease in it's Attack Stat and it could use U-turn effectively but since yours has Modest I've just went with a completely different set.

Hope I helped :)

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is it all right if i change squirtles evs into 252 HP/252 Sp. Defence/4 Def.
Its weaknesses are grass and electric and they are mostly sp. Atks (thunderbolt, energy ball)
i need your guidence.
And, do you prefer that i change my froakie into a hasty or naive nature? i bred a lot of froakies and i think i have one of those natures...
Naive because priority is dominantly physical.
Yeah that's fine and I'd go with what JarJar said and go for a Naive Nature :)