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I Know I have to Max the speed, but Pikachu has great physical moves in this game. Should I split special and atack or focus on one of those?

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EVs don't exist in Pokémon Lets Go. You can AV train your Pokémon, though. :P

Awakening values, abbreviated AVs, are a mechanic introduced in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, replacing effort values. Similar to EVs, AVs are used to increase a Pokémon's stats, but are awarded through the use of candy and leveling up, rather than by defeating other Pokémon in battles.

The max AV is 200; every time the bar under a stat fills up, your Pokémon gains 1 AV. You also get some AV from leveling up. You can Max out all of your stats with 200 AV. Having AVs instead of EVs also makes sense since there aren't over-world battles besides trainer battles, which would make EV training a pain. :P

I suggest you raise Pikachu's Attack before Special Attack.


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