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I have completed the whole game and found every legendary and caught it (exept mew) but I still dont know for sure where to find the highest lvl Pokemon

I suggest you try finding [Chansey][1], they give a lot of EXP. and they appear almost everwhere.

  [1]: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/chansey#dex-locations
This doesn't answer the question...
Wild Pokemon or trainers' Pokemon?
Did you read the description?
Yes. What's wrong with finding a high-leveled Pokemon used by an NPC?
My assumption would be that the highest level wild Pokemon are going to be in the depths of Cerulean Cave, where Mewtwo is located.  However, the Elite Four remains a very easy grinding location, as their Pokemon range from 60 to 70, and as Trainer Pokemon they also have a higher EXP payout.  Not to mention they give PokeDollars, so unlimited Balls, Evo Stones, etc.
@sumwun I was talking to AV

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I would think either victory road, the cave you find mewtwo in, or the seafoam island cave you find arcticuno in. Correct me if I'm wrong.

This is wrong. Indigo Plateau has level 85 Pokemon, which is higher than all the levels in any of those 3 places.
Also, you can catch Articuno in Seafoam Cave (Surf needed), Zapdos in the Power Plant (Surf needed...), and in Victory Road (...you get where this is going).
Yes, but none of those are the highest level Pokemon in the game.
I know. And Mewtwo is level 70.
So how are those relevant to this question?
I haven't played that game for a while, and haven't made it to the indigo plateau yet, so sry
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