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In pokémon ultra Sun the maximum os 306 base speed. But With the changes, I Know that isnt the real number!

Well, that depends. Is your Pikachu a regular one, or the Partner one? Partner Pikachu has higher stats (namely 120 in speed instead of 90)
306 is a real number. :P

AVs add 134 more to each than EVs stat as well as natures giving more to a higher stat total. :P
The partner one! So 306 is for the normal Pikachu base stat. For the partner one, plus the 200 candys, what the number be? I want Raise the Pikachu to Max the speed stat! Thanks for all the awnsers!

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The maximum speed the Partner Pikachu can have, at level 100 with a speed boosting nature and 200 AVs is 533.