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On Pokemon Showdown! It lists OU tiers from past generations, but there is no Gen 3 OU tier.



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Probably because no one really plays it anymore, and besides, if you do, you can always go to Custom Game. This lets you use anything, so make a Gen 3 team and you can play there :) Also I'm pretty sure gen 5 / 6 OU lets you use stuff from past generations.
But the main reason is that barely anyone does anything related to Gen 3 nowadays.

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The only problem with that is the gen 3 mechanics are gone. qq
soooo Plan b do a wifi battle with your handy dandy DS :P
Maybe PO has Gen 3. or maybe uh, shoddy battle i think but im not sure what that is i just remember someone mentioning it :P
Shoddy is still a thing :0
lol there's gen 3 Hackmons tho :0?