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  • Aerialite
  • Arena Trap
  • Contrary
  • Fur Coat
  • Huge Power
  • Imposter
  • Parental Bond
  • Prankster (w/ Smeargle)
  • Pure Power
  • Shadow Tag
  • Simple
  • Speed Boost
  • Sturdy (w/ Shedinja)
  • Wonder Guard


  • Archeops
  • Kyurem-Black
  • Regigigas
  • Slaking
  • Weavile


  • Ubers

Everything else, though, is up for your wild imagination to contemplate. And, yes, Drizzle and Swift Swim are legal here. (STANDARD OU CLAUSES ARE IN EFFECT)

Source: not the best source but

Hope I helped :D

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Could I have a bulleted list of just the abilities?  (Just for reference)
Thank you so much!
Well i wanna thx the mod or expert that edited my question :)
Imagine: huge power slaking, that would wreck everything!