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I was thinking about making a team in Almost Any Ability, to see what it's like. But I want to know some commonly used abilities and Pokemon first, so that I have something to base a team around.


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Sturdy Shedinja

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Or any level one that learns leech seed. The only thing that really takes this down is weather or status. Give either of them a lum berry and you're good to go.

Flash Fire Ferrothorn

enter image description here
Haven't seen this personally but apparently it can be a monster. Have fun killing this..

Toxic Heal Staraptor

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Give this thing toxic orb, facade and max out attack. That's all I need to say.

EDIT: as for the Flash Fire on Ferrothorn you could give Volt Absorb to a flying type or any ability that that makes a Pokemon immune to their weakness.

These are a few common abilities that I have seen or heard of. If you need more then ask :)

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Is Imposter Blissey banned? Because if not it's a really trolly strategy.
yes, sadly imposter is banned :(
Thanks, these are some good ideas. I might use stuff like this now.
Sap Sipper Swampert  :^)
No problem :)
^^^Good idea. Just wondering, do mega's abilities change when they mega evolve to what they normally are as megas?
^^Just to answer your question.   
"You can't change the abilities of Mega Pokemon due to programming restrictions."