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Huge/pure power are banned abilities.
Should "Hammer Lady" [all tinkaton are female] get even stronger gigaton hammers or stab facade/fake outs?
OR, should I abandon "Hammer Lady" and use an Earth Eater Revavroom & Purifying salt Gardevoir?

Edit: Yes I know about play rough but it's 90% accurate and I'm an MandJTV fan so [cheers if you get the joke]

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So this is a question of preference, but STAB Facade with a 30% boost is a great way to answer being burned which would otherwise be the end of Tinkaton, and it also has the added benefit of being a safe Skill Swap ability against particularly tough walls and Pokémon that do have Huge Power/Pure Power. It also creates an interesting option for the off turn move between Gigatons. I definitely prefer Pixilate over Steelworker.

If you are open to other builds, there's something to be said about Multiscale.

I wouldn't replace Tinkaton with Revaroom or Gardevoir without knowing your team, but I see what you are going for with both.