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If a lvl 100 Porygon went up against a lvl 100 Heatran would the Porygon win if its move set is Signal Beam, Hyro Pump, Earthquake, and Magnet Rise?

Porygon can't learn Hydro Pump

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First of all, Porygon can't even learn Hydro Pump OR Earthquake. If it could learn these moves, then yes, Hydro Pump would likely OHKO Heatran if a Choice Specs was held.

Second of all, Porygon's coming off of an 85 attacking stat, while Heatran's coming off of 130. The chances of Porygon's survival without a oHKO are extremely slim. You'll want Recover and Conversion2 with you if you wanna beat a Heatran.

The only way Porygon would have any chances of winning would be with a Focus Sash or Choice Specs, along with Hidden Power (Ground) at max Base Power.

If you can pull that off with Choice Specs, you'll be garanteed a KO, as long as the Heatran has no Special Defence EV investment, and it probably won't.