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I was wondering how to keep from getting other people's Pokemon on your Pokemon Amie. I know they give gifts, but they're eating all my poke puffs! I turned off wifi but they kept on coming! Please tell me how to get them off.


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If you don't want them to eat Poke Puffs, don't put one in the middle.
Otherwise, there is no known way to stop Pokemon coming into your Pokemon Amie. Sometimes, passing Pokemon will "reject" your Pokemon Amie and walk off the screen.

Source: Experimentation for about 15 minutes

Thanks, both of you guys!
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There isn't a way to remove them although you can change from the Pokemon Amie page to Super Training or PSS, that should pause the other Pokemon from appearing. Also I'm not entirely sure but you may need to stop putting your own Pokè Puffs out as decor, that should cease your problems.

Hope I Helped