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So this new Gen 6 mechanic is that when you switch out a Pokemon who is asleep, the sleep timer doesn't reset when they switch back in, but does that get affected by Whirlwind/Roar?
Or even Dragon Tail.

I can test later, but someone probably will before I get back on computer.

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the user of rest will always sleep for two turns, no mater if it switch or get roared.
source: I tested it out
unforantely, I forgot to save the battle replay (facepalms myself) but I'm sure someone can back my claims :)

hope I helped :-)

Yeah, I was pretty sure that switching out still resets the timer.
Um, not using Rest, something like Dark Void, Sleep Powder, etc.
hmm. lets see
ok. i do it again with sleep powder and save the replay
i tested it with sleep powder five times, and saved one replay. and magikarp always slept for three and one time two turns, so the timer probably doesn't reset. still not 100000% sure, as i only tested it five times, but it most likely doesn't reset. a replay: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-74683665