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I would like to have a Milotic with Marvel Scale but it has two normal abilities, that and Competitive. However Feebas only has one ability, Swift Swim. How do you know what ability you'll get with Milotic?

If there is a way i'd really like to know. Im wanting one to be a good overall wall.

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If the unevolved Pokémon has only one Ability, but its evolution may have one of two Abilities, then it has a 50% chance of acquiring either Ability (dependent on its personality value). Source

If a Pokemon like Feebas that only have one ability evolves, its personality values determine which ability it will have.

Since you cannot see these values, it appears as if it is random.
If your Pokemon's PVs give you Competitive, you can always gain 200 BP at the Battle Maison and buy an Ability Capsule.

More Info on Personality Values

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Does the ability capsule permanently change it or is ot a held item that activates in battle?
Permanently. Unless, of course, you use another one on the same Pokemon.
Okay cool ill just do that then
But if you get Marvel Scale, you got it for freeeeeeee!
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If a Pokemon that has one ability evolves into a Pokemon with two possible abilities, the game will select which ability it will have at random. (On their personality value, which is decided at random. Sorry, didn't make that clear. xD)

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Bulbapedia's 'Ability' page (I don't feel like linking >.<)

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