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I don't have 2 nintendo 3DS, or 2 game cards, or any friend to trade. The Pokemon I get from GTS won't have my OT. Where can I find someone to trade and trade back? Or is there another way to get Milotic with my OT?

In your case your best way to get one would be to get one from a trade and then breed it
Umm but breeding will give me Feebas and still can't evolve :v
You could ask someone on this website. There’s probably someone willing to trade.

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Your best chance would be to breed your own Feebas and trade it with someone online and have them give it back to you. The OT is permanent, so even if you trade it away it'll always have your OT on it.

How to have them give it back? O.o
You could trade with a friend irl or trade between yourself with 2 3Ds'(if you have 2).
@GinnyEvilShadow did you even read my question?
You can find someone online willing to do it in various online communities.
@emolgachan sorry I didn't see that part