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I've been searching route 21 (Derniere Way) for hours on end and hasn't appeared even once. Anyone having the same problem? Anyone know where to get Scyther? I only have 1 DS so I can't trade from other games.

Wait, I can answer in a bit, if no one beats me to it! x3

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The only place to get one is the place you've been searching, Route 21. You probably haven't run into one yet because they are probably very rare and you might just be getting a little unlucky. Just keep searching.


Beat me to it! x3 The only thing I would add would be if there is another "part" to Route 21 as of Route 10 you can only find Eevee in the grass near Geosenge town and not the flowery grass leading up to it.
Thanks, but checking this website, Scyther has the same rarity as all the other pokemon that appear here.
There is another spot on Route 21 with flowery grass, past the big block that requires Strength. I've searched the sides of the main road for a long time without luck, but when I searched this grassy area, it wasn't long before I found a hoard of Scyther! I tried again and a few seconds later found a Scyther right after finding an Altaria.
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You can get him on route 21, derniere way.


PS: just put in the name of any other Pokemon instead of scyther and it will show you.
(Evolutions, moves learned, TMs, HMs, sprites, location data, and much more!)

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He knows that, he asked why he couldn't find it easily.