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Is it just appearance? If not, imma feel real stupid for not catching that shiny Minccino.

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Some people can trade crazy stuff for shiny pokemon too

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Just Appearance

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare in the wild. When a Pokemon is 'shiny' its colouration is different. However, apart from that, the shiny Pokemon remains the same as any average Pokemon of its species.

But as I said, they are INCREDIBLY rare in the wild, so if you see one, make sure to catch it. You can also see if a Pokemon is shiny as it will be marked with a red star in the summary. Shiny Pokemon also make a sparkle sound when encountered, as well as having blue stars when sent out to battle.
Shiny Tyrantrum, marked with a star.

There is an exception in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, where Ho-Oh can be encountered as a shiny Pokemon. This depends on pure luck though. Shiny Ho-Oh will be stronger than the regular one, and also have a different moveset. Sadly, this is only in PMND, Gates to Infinity.

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The only difference is its appearance

Shiny Pokemon are very rare Pokemon with a chance of 1/8192 of appearing :0
Shiny Pokemon twinkle and let off blue stars when sent to battle.
They also have a red star on their summary page.

In the Games they are like all normal Pokemon.
However , in the anime they stronger than normal Pokemon

Shiny Pokemons also have a different colouring.

Normal- enter image description here

Shiny-enter image description here

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It is only appearance.

It doesn't change the stats whatsoever, it only gives the Pokemon a different coloring and a sparkle when it enters a battle.

The only reason why people want shiny Pokemon as much as they do is because they are very rare(1/8192 chance prior to Gen VI, 1/4096 in Gen VI).

Source: Knowledge and Bulbapedia

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Being shiny does nothing for the Pokemon. It's still silly not catching that shiny.