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Including the variations with the seasons (like Cryogonal in Summer is 1% but higher in Winter).

(Optional) - What about the other generations?

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Dragonite while fishing on a bubble in Dragonspiral Tower (After National Dex), Cryogonal when it's not winter. That's all I know of, I'm not sure if you can tell on other gens, If I knew how I would.

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Surskit is 1 in XY i think
This was answered before XY
i know im just saying
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Also munchlax has on a honey tree in platinum
Snuble has on rt38
And also peliper on rt219
Dustox beutifly in morning on rt205
Also tentacruel while surfing on platinum on rt205
On rt 204 you have a one % chance of finding kirali in the pokeradar
I'll add more in later

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None of them are spelled right
Munchlax = Correct
Dustox = Correct
Tentacruel = Correct
Beautifly = Correct
Kirlia = Kirali = incorrect

But anyways, this post is three years old, let's stop.