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I'm in the Desert Resort searching for N's Pokemon, and I'm having immense difficulty finding the Sandile. I know the probability is 1 - 5% chance, but I have spent hours and hours searching in the Desert Resort. Is there something that might prevent the appearence of it? I have already found: Joltik, Kling, Ferroseed, Boldore, Scraggy, Darumaka, Darmanatin, Sigilyph, Purloin, Pidove and Timburr. (and Zorua)


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You seem to be doing everything right.

The only useful advice I could give you was that you had to look at a flashback of N releasing his Pokemon, which it seems you have done since you've found all of his other Pokemon. :3

Remember that it's a 1-5% chance. That's literally 1/20-1/100. This is quite a rare chance. Just keep trying and eventually you'll find that Sandile.

Useless trivia, this Sandile will always be docile, which means it's willing to follow instructions - maybe shout at the game to tell the Sandile to come?? :3

Hope I helped. :)

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Where do you go to see the flash back?
You have to Memory Link you're game with your Black/White game.
I don't really know how to do it though. Sowwy. 3x
Ok, thanks. I'll try to figure out the rest by myself then.
Thanks,  !*•~Indigo~•*! . And yes, I will definitely try yelling at the game. :)