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I want it. Bad. :c

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I got 4 male eevees and one female by dumb luck by mass searching in Castelia sewers/garden. It only took a few hours, witch was very much less than I was expecting.
Thank you!

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You can get one from Fenel/Amnita after beating the game (This one has it's Dream World ability)

You can aslo get them at Castelia City (Garden)
at level: 18 in the wild: 5%
at level: 19 in thick grass: 5%

There was also a chance of finding eevee in Hidden Grottos during the Funfest Mission which finished in December

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5% chance.

This makes them very hard to get so it will take you while.

Also its hard to get Pokemon to appear at all becuase of the spaces in the grass.

There is some one that will give you eevee in castilia city namly amnitina.

But that is after the elite four.

But you can get it just go to the last street on the left I think go in to the building with a big sign and on the top floor amnintinia will give you eevee.

Hope this helps.

Please evolve it into espeon trust me espeom (ruby is the name) is completyly awesome!