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Where can I get a DW Eevee(find percentage, place, and times if necessary)?
And where can I get a regular Eevee?

What is the best Eevee evolution stat wise

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For a DW Eevee:
> After beating the game, you can return to Fennel and Amanita's lab in the second floor of the building across the street from the Castelia Gym. Talk to one of the people up there and you will receive a free Eevee with its Hidden Ability, Anticipation. This will change to its evolutions' Hidden Ability when you evolve it. Available at level 10.

For a regular Eevee:

>Castelia City (Garden)
at level: 18 in the wild: 5%
at level: 19 in thick grass: 5%


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Hey, I just wanted to let anyone know that if you're annoyed by how long it takes to get an Eevee from Castelia by walking/running around in the grass for minutes on end, I thought of an idea (and tested it) to make it appear nearly instantly. Firstly, I buy some repels. (1 or 2 is enough) Secondly, since usually an Eevees' level is 18-19, I get a Pokemon level 18-19, also, to be the first in my party. Then, I use the repel and walk/run around in the grass until it appears. A little fact, though, in case you're a bit skeptical: Eevee is the only Pokemon in that area that is level 18-19 that you will run into without having to walk into rustling grass. I did this and in the next 5 minutes, I had already run into 4 Eevees. If you don't believe me, just test it out and you'll see. I hope that with this little bit of advice, I will have been able to help anyone who has had the frustration about the elusiveness of Eevee.~~
So that's where Fennel is...I've been looking all over!
I beat the game.. But she still wont give it to me >:(
Thanks, it would really help! I was about to ask this same question until I saw this question and this question DESERVES to be Best Answer. Thank you again! (Sorry if this is like a critique)
You have to talk to Amanita to get the eevee. Not Fennel.
Hi guys. Please help me with these. Is there a chance that Amanita will give you a female eevee in black 2? also, if i will breed it with a ditto and the man in front of the day care says that they dont seem to like each other much, what does it mean? do i just have to wait for more days? thank you.
Easiest way to get an eevee is to use a Pokemon with sweet scent, that is if you want to do this the fastest, you will   need to go into the sewers, then up a flight of stairs that leads to the tree, and the circle of grass. Then you will need to sweet scent in the darker green grasses, because it is somewhat easier, and if you want espeon, or umbreon, buy some luxury balls too.