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Is it possible to purify shadow Lugia before beating the game by already setting up all 9 chambers, then only carrying 1 Pokemon into the Lugia battle, catching Lugia with the master ball, then losing to Greevil, restarting you so you can purify it? I'm trying for a certain nature....


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Yes, since there is a gap between the Lugia catch and the Greevil Battle in which you can purify Lugia.

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Ahh I see. Thanks a lot. :)
Glad to help :P
So coming back to fight Lugia doesn't cut to the credits or force-saves after catching it?
I don't believe so.
I've just confirmed that you can do my method to purify shadow Lugia before beating the game and trying for a specific nature! But it doesn't work on Greevil's 6 pokemon because you don't get to keep them if you lose :P
Oh, kewl!