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Alright this might be a bit weird but would it be possible to purify the togepi I get given, trade it to my Pokemon emerald, clone it and then send one of the clones back to XD and make the trade for the elekid?

Sorry for not knowing this. What is cloning?
Exploiting a glitch in Pokemon emerald that allows you to clone your Pokemon, YouTube it if you're interested. I just need to know that if I transfer the Togepi to a gba game and back to XD will I still be able to make the trade or will the flag for the trade be gone? The Togepi has Tri Attack and the Elekid has cross chop and all elemental punches
I'm pretty sure cloning the Togepi won't change whether or not you can trade it. There were no sensors to check for hacked pokemon/glitched pokemon back in Gen 3. Those kinda pokemon didn't start getting flagged until Gen 4. Forgive me if I'm wrong, I would've tried simulating this because my Togepi has not been traded for the Elekid to help answer this for you, but sadly my pokemon Emerald game died on me before I could even start trading between Emerald and Gale of Darkness.
Can't you test it yourself?

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I don't see why not.