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Unfortunately, the IV potential rater is found in Kiloude city, post-game. Try online on websites such as Marriland for IV calculators.

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There is only one way to tell in-game, and unfortunately it isn't accessible early game. The IV Judge, who can be found in Kiloude City postgame, will judge your Pokemon's IVs. If he says this when he evaluates its Special Attack:

>Stats like those... They simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it.

Then that Pokemon has 31 IVs in that stat.


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Good question! You use an IV calculator.

This should be simple since you have just started the game. Assuming you have not trained it at all, an IV calculator would be a great idea!

Here is Serebii's IV calculator.

You can leave some parts out if you are not able to get to them (like the Hidden Power from Anistar City) but try and fill as much as you can. For EVs, just take 0 for all of them, assuming you haven't trained it at all. If you have trained it, try remember all the Pokemon that you did defeat with it and check their EV yield here. Add up all the EV yield for each stat and enter it! As long as you do a reasonable job remembering what Pokemon you did and how many EVs you got off them, the IV Calculator should be reasonably accurate.

Hope I helped. :)

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