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I have one, but I want to know what flower garden they are in because there are no white flowers you can walk in that I know of.


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White Flabebe can be found in Red and Yellow Flower Beds in Route 4 and in Yellow and Purple Flower Beds in Route 7.

They can also be found in Normal Grass in Route 7 (Credit to fondant)

Source: Flabébé - Bulbapedia, Route 4 - Bulbapedia, Route 7 - Bulbapedia

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Also in ordinary green grass (on Route 7 anyway).
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What is the chances of finding a white flabebe?
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Where ever a flabebe is found, there is gonna be more of its colors.
So, if there is a flabebe in the grass/flower patch you just walked in, there is garenteed that there will be other colors of flebebe in that same patch.