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I'm currently trying my hand at breeding a White and a Blue Flabebe in both my X and Y games with the Masuda Method (Aka Shiny-Breeding). Before I begin I was wondering if anyone knew if the flower color can change even when breeding with a Ditto (such as within my games). I've looked around for the answer and haven't found it on here or in Bulbapedia to my knowledge.



Thanks to those who know the answer!

(Also sorry if this has been asked before, I looked around before asking this.)


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No, the color always remains the same. The flower color will depend on the mother Flabebe or the female Flabebe.
If the female is a White Flabebe, the hatching Flabebe will also be White and the female is Blue, the hatching will be Blue. The hatching Flabebe will inherit its mother's flower color. The color won't change even breed with Ditto. To get a different flower colored Flabebe, you have to catch another one.

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Male Flabebe don't exist.