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So when breeding the specific Pokemon holding itś correct Incense, (for example a Chimecho holding the Pure Incense) with a foreign Ditto, does the Masuda Method still take effect?
List of Incense breeding ´mons:
Chingling - Pure Incense
Munchlax - Full Incense
Mantyke - Wave Incense
Azurill - Sea Incense
Bonsly - Rock Incense
Budew - Rose Incense
Wynaut - Lax Incense
Mime Jr. - Odd Incense
Happiny - Luck Incense

I don't see why not.

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No. An incense will not affect the shiny rate of the offspring.
The only things the incenses will do is give you a baby Pokemon, they do not increase or decrease the chance of said Pokemon being shiny. The only item that does affect shiny rate is the shiny charm, and that is a key item.

Source: I've been breeding Pokemon for 9 years.
Hopefully that's enough for you to trust me ;)

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