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or certain days or every other week on this day or something like that, and the percentage/pattern if you know it.

Edit: I just saw that there is a formula for it in "how often do I get a yanma swarm in soulsilver" thread, but what is it??? I want a mawile swarm so bad.

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Pokémon swarms were largely expanded in Generation IV. Once the player attains the National Pokédex every day in a particular location a swarm of Pokémon will appear. This changes the probability of finding a given Pokémon from 0% to 40%.

In order to find them in the game, you will have to check Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk Radio Station on the PokéGear. Each day, he will say of Pokémon that have been spotted in a specific area across Johto or Kanto. This changes each day so it's always best to check the radio to see if the Pokémon is available.

In Soul Silver you can find a swarm of Mawile in Route 9 in the Kanto Region. As mentioned above they have a 40% encounter rate when Professor Oak says they have been spotted in the area.


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every day? I thought the swarm had to be on the radio to get it. I don't understand
Sorry it wasn't actually supposed to say that. You just have to keep trying your luck by listening to Professor Oak's Radio Station each day and hope that he says Mawile has been spotted in Route 9 in Kanto. I'm sure you'll find one eventually good luck :)
ok that makes more sense. I had got one before, but I thought it said weavile and didn't get one because I had a sneasel. Now I am so mad at myself because I haven't had the swarm since....   :(
You'll find them eventually you just need to keep checking Professor Oak's Radio Station as the Pokémon you can get in a swarm changes everyday but don't worry I'm sure you'll get the hang of it sooner or later good luck :)
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>Pokémon outbreaks were largely expanded in Generation IV. Once the player attains the National Pokédex, every day in a particular location, a "swarm of Pokémon" appears, which changes the probability of finding the given Pokémon from 0% to 40%. Outbreaks last only one day and are random events

Unfortunately, swarms are random events and there is no actual percentage as to what swarms will appear. Of course, if you really want a Pokemon that is unobtainable in that game, you can always trade from a previous game, which is probably the easier option.

Mawile is available in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum at Iron Island with Ruby inserted into the GBA slot, and it can be found at a number of places in Ruby itself.

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Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_outbreak#Generation_IV

problem is, the only games I have access to are: platinum, pearl, diamond, HG, SS, Black, and White 2. can I get a Mawile in one of those?
Well, it is available in Challenger's Cave in BW, however it is impossible to trade Pokemon back a generation. So you can't trade BW to HGSS, as BW is Generation 5, and HGSS is Generation 4. But, it is still technically available. :3
I thought I got around that by trading to platinum/pearl/diamond then to SS before, but I might be wrong. is that possible?
You can't trade BW to D/P/Pt. It's impossible.
oh. must have remembered wrong.

Thanks anyway