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So I was walking through a gate on August 25(which, ironically, is my brother's birthday), and it didn't say where the swarm was. All it said was August 25, 2012 blah blah blah. I have completed the game and have both seen and caught swarm Pokemon. My game is not hacked at all, so why wasn't there a swarm?


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Your game is glitched. Keep trying it for a couple of weeks and if nothing comes up you might need to buy a new game.

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Actually it was just for that one day
And now its working
Yep...It's just that I found it sort of odd that for one day there was no swarm.
okay then it was a small glitch
All right thanks!
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During winter, the monitor may occasionally not report on outbreaks, which is due to parts of Route 8, where Croagunk can be found, becoming frozen during Winter and not allowing the Pokémon to be caught there.