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From Generation 4


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When he says Gen 4, that includes ALL of Gen 4. Not just Platinum.
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Pokemon Area Game

Doduo Route 201 D/P/Pt
Zigzagoon Route 202 D/P/Pt
Cubone Route 203 D/P/Pt
Nosepass Route 206 D/P
Larvitar Route 206 Pt
Phanpy Route 207 D/P/Pt
Dunsparce Route 208 D/P/Pt
Snubbull Route 209 D/P/Pt
Absol Route 213 D/P
Spoink Route 214 D/P/Pt
Drowzee Route 215 D/P/Pt
Delibird Route 216 D/P/Pt
Swinub Route 217 D/P
Voltorb Route 218 D/P/Pt
Farfetch'd Route 221 D/P/Pt
Skitty Route 222 D/P/Pt
Natu Route 224 D/P/Pt
Makuhita Route 225 D/P/Pt
Krabby Route 226 D/P/Pt
Spinda Route 227 D/P/Pt
Beldum Route 228 D/P/Pt
Pidgey Route 229 D/P
Pinsir Route 229 Pt
Corsola Route 230 D/P/Pt
Surskit Lake Verity D/P
Smoochum Lake Acuity D/P
Lickitung Lake Valor D/P
Magnemite Fuego Ironworks D/P
Electrike Valley Windworks D/P/Pt
Slakoth Eterna Forest D/P/Pt

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